Parachute DAO

Parachute 2.0 = Community-centered governance & growth for Parachute


Parachute launches to create community, explore ideas in crytpo

As an early community, Parachute explores ideas such as freelancing, mining, bounties, and community events on blockchain.



Parachute grows and creates several subsets and offshoot communities to explore ideas, products, and directions to dedicate energy.

In Q4 of 2021, Parachute transitions to a full DAO, where governance, direction, and new products are created by and for the community. 


The Parachute DAO will participate in votes to decide managers, shape governance mechanisms, and decide sprints for shaping the future of Parachute. 



The governance token

Holders of PAR will be able to create and pass proposals that will shape the absolute direction of Parachute. 

Funding Growth

Community PAR will be placed in multisig wallets, where designated signatories will enact funding for proposals that require PAR 

Delineating Bandwidth 

The direction of products under the PAR DAO will be managed by governance. 

Creating Committees

DAO members can pass proposals to spearhead subcomitties focused on specific areas of Parachute DAO management and growth.

Products & Revenue

New products built entirely post DAO transition may utilize PAR mechanically, as decided by decentralized governance proposals